fast and furious, gritty and sophisticated, and features the best new detective in a very long time - quote from Statesman Journal


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224 pages

Oak Tree Press


Katy King, author of the
exciting new mystery
“City of Suspects”

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Portland is the City of Suspects!

Santa Teresa is the hometown of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone, Chicago has Sara Paretsky's VI Warshawski, Boston boasts Linda Barnes' Carlotta Carlyle; and introducing Jane Lanier, of Portland, Oregon.

There's a new private eye on the scene. Jane Lanier, a former journalist, has opened shop at the Galleria Building in downtown Portland. Late one night, a case lands on her desk; literally. Federico DeOrca, an alleged mobster, killer, drug dealer, tax cheat and confirmed two-timing bastard has been murdered. And there's a city's worth of suspects who would have been glad to pull the trigger.

Strap yourself into Jane Lanier's leaky Volkswagen Cabriolet and join her through a gauntlet of murder, arson, explosives and fast food drive-thrus.